Out of Our Mines® is dedicated to providing high quality gemstones to the gem and jewelry trade. Our United States and worldwide mining connections provide us with the rare opportunity to bring you the finest of nature's treasures. With our "hands on" experience in all facets of gemstone cutting, from cabochons and beads to fine gem carvings and faceted stones, all of our gemstones are cut and polished to bring out the maximum that each has to offer.

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There has never been a better time in history for the admirer of natural colored gemstones! In addition to traditional sources of gems, there have been important finds of new and exciting gem materials throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. As explorers, miners, and cutters, we are committed to bringing you one of the finest selections of natural and unenhanced stones, both new and classic. We hope our gems will inspire you and light up your designs with unique and diverse natural color!

ARTIST profiles

Richard M. Shull, G.G.

Miner, Prospector, Gemstone Cutter, Mechanic, Gem Artist, Author, Gemologist

Helen constantine-shull, m.a.

Miner, Prospector, Gemstone Cutter, Stone Grader, Photographer, Shop Manager, Author, Botanist


How We Care


We revere and respect the land, the stones, and the people who work with both. The stones you get from us to incorporate into your artwork, your special collection, or to simply wear and enjoy, have been filled with love, honor and respect. Most of the work we do ourselves, but when we do get help, we make sure it is Fair Trade.

Mined Responsibly...Cut With Care...

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